Malaysians love our savings, don’t we?

We love them so much that according to findings from our Best eWallet in Malaysia for 2020 survey, 54% of Malaysians use eWallets mainly for the cashback, promotions and rewards. 

Now, Malaysians can jump for joy with a new initiative that will enable us to earn even more cashback and rewards just for shopping with our eWallets – the Shop Malaysia Online initiative.

What do I need to know about the Shop Malaysia Online initiative?

The Shop Malaysia Online initiative is an e-commerce initiative under Pelan Jana Semula Ekonomi Negara (PENJANA) or the National Economic Recovery Plan. 

This initiative was rolled out to stimulate the economy through online consumption. Specifically, it sees the government collaborating with various eWallets and e-commerce platforms such as Boost to promote online shopping amongst Malaysians.

About Shop Malaysia Online with Boost 

Boost is one of the official e-Wallet partners for the PENJANA Initiative. 

Boasting the widest merchant network nationwide to date with over 170,000 merchants nationwide, Boost has long been in favor of supporting local businesses, with over 60% of their merchants comprising small and micro-SMEs such as mom and pop convenience stores, public market traders and hawker stall owners.

Throughout the Shop Malaysia Online campaign, Boosties can now shop and enjoy savings from over 5,000 participating online merchants!

It’s not just savings either, paying with Boost has never been more convenient with their “Tap and Pay” feature. With this new feature, all you need to do is enter a 6-digit PIN to verify your transaction. No usernames, no passwords, no waiting for the TAC/OTP.

From now till 30th September 2020, the rewards just don’t stop if you’re a fellow Boostie as you could get up to RM100 worth of cashback and more! 

In total, there are 4 main ways users can benefit from using Boost throughout this Shop Malaysia Online campaign.

1- Shop online and earn up to RM10 cashback with Boost Partner Wallet

Boost Partner Wallet is the perfect feature for loyal users as you can Shake for instant cashback and save on the next transaction! 

A ‘Partner Wallet’ is a sub-wallet within a user’s Boost account that automatically stores cashback for dedicated merchants and each user can have multiple Partner Wallets. This helps ensure users don’t miss any savings and is especially useful for when users shop at their favourite merchants. 

Any cashback a user has in a Partner Wallet will be automatically deducted in the next transaction made at the respective merchant.

Who are these Featured Boost partners, then?

At the time of writing, there are 15 merchants spanning from locally-grown Jobbie Nut Butter to online grocer Potboy, and even major pharmacy Watsons.

Users only need to spend a minimum of RM50 on selected partners to get up to 10% cashback (depending on the merchant).

Each user is entitled to a maximum of 3x cashback capped at RM10 each. Make sure to use your precious cashback before 30th September 2020 too, as unused cashback balance will expire afterwards.

This means that if you find yourself spending at a particular merchant particularly often, this feature can help you save on every purchase – and all you have to do is use the respective Boost Partner Wallet to pay!

2- Get up to 6x Coins during 8.8 Online Boost Day

If you haven’t heard of the 8.8 Online Boost Day, you’re in for a treat! This month would be Boost’s biggest Online Boost Day and the rewards are gonna get a little out of control.

From 6th to 8th August 2020, spend a minimum of RM150 in one transaction and enjoy up to 2x the amount of coins for all local Boosted online partners

With over 5,000 online partners, get ready to get your online shop on!

Transactions made at key online partners such as PrestoMall, Jocom, HappyFresh and even Durian Bear would even earn you up to 6x the amount of coins.

Thought that was it? Boost will also #KasiTambah an extra RM5 Online Boost Day Surprise Shake that would be credited into a random Partner Wallet. 

Users are limited to 2 redemptions throughout the entire 3 days of the August Online Boost Day.

3- Special discount vouchers of up to 20% for selected partners

What’s a campaign without discounted online vouchers?

On top of extra cashback and coins, Boost is also handing out more voucher goodness and even more savings with special discounted vouchers of up to 20% across F&B, travel and online shopping categories.

Some notable vouchers to get your hands on include Lazada, Hermo, MPH Online Bookstore, Vouk Hotel and Vivatel Kuala Lumpur.

4- Fulfill Boost’s Special Shop Malaysia Online Mission  and be rewarded with 500 coins

The more you spend, the more you get rewarded.

Boost’s Shop Malaysia Online campaign ties up with a bang with their special Shop Online Boost Mission. Spend a cumulative total of RM500 on Boosted online partners within 5 days to stand a chance of winning an additional 500 coins! 

Join the mission now here!

What do I need so many Boost coins for?

Avid Boosties probably already know how precious Boost Coins are. 

Essentially, Boost coins are akin to reward points. Users earn coins after every transaction made with Boost. 

Of course, this means that the more coins you earn = the more rewards you stand to gain.

Unlike most other eWallets, Boost Coins can not only be used to redeem vouchers and gifts, but can also be redeemed as cashback and credited directly into your Boost eWallet! From there, you can use your cashback however you like – to pay for utility bills or for your weekly grocery trip.

To add to that, here’s a tip just for the savings-savvy – use your Boost coins to redeem gifts or cashback from Partner Wallets instead! This will help you get more bang for your buck as the conversion rates for these are much more preferable compared to redeeming just plain old cashback. 

Partner Wallet categories range from Groceries, Prepaid, Postpaid and even Petrol. They essentially work just like your normal Boost cashback too.

More than just savings with Boost

So far, all we’ve mentioned are cashback, vouchers and discounts.

While savings play a huge part in our decision-making as Malaysian consumers, an eWallet that offers an easy, uncomplicated payment experience is equally key. 

With Boost, online shopping just got a whole lot easier. The online payments feature allows users to pay for their transactions without the fuss of remembering usernames/passwords, or waiting for the TAC/OTP number. 

All you have to do is select “Tap and Pay” on the payment page. From there, a 6-digit pin or quick scan of your fingerprint is all you need to verify your transaction. 

Click here to find out if your favourite merchant accepts this handy function.

Don’t forget to pay with Boost when you shop online!

From coins to cashback to vouchers, this period is the best time to do all your shopping since Boost will help to shave a little off the bill. 

Even if you may not be an avid shopper, use this opportunity to grab all your necessities online!

Download, register and verify your account with Boost now so you can enjoy a seamless spending experience throughout this campaign. 

Another initiative under PENJANA that you might have already benefited from is the Free RM50 eWallet credit. If you haven’t claimed yours yet, our guide here spells out exactly how to claim it your free RM50 eWallet credit!

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