Everything You Need to Know About eWallets in Malaysia…and a whole lot more

Over the centuries, we’ve gone through so many different forms of payment it’s easy to lose count. 

In the last few decades alone, we’ve experienced the switch from cold hard cash to cheque, to card to online banking. 

Now, eWallets prove to be all the rage and have already cemented their place within our cashless payments scene. The eWallet scene in Malaysia is a particularly hostile one, with industry giants and new players both competing for their share of users. 

Though eWallets only came about in Malaysia a few years ago, they’re now one of the main factors propelling the cashless revolution. 

“Cashless revolution” and “cashless society” are probably buzzwords you’ve heard plenty of times before. But it’s a reality that’s bound to come. 

Here at eWhallet, we want to help Malaysians better adapt to the rapid change in our payments climate. While a good portion of younger Malaysians are already using eWallets on an everyday basis – there’s still a lot left to be learned!

Introducing: “eWallet 101 for Malaysians” 

In this new eWallet 101 series, we’ll be churning out valuable eWallet resources for Malaysians!

Everything from the technology of how eWallets work, to in-depth comparisons, to choosing the eWallet that’s best for your needs. 

All eWallet articles will be categorized into our outline below. Feel free to browse as you wish, or start from the top to get familiar with the foundation.


eWallet Introductory Basics

Learn the basics of eWallets

eWallet FAQ

Get answers to common questions

eWallet Problems and Concerns

Get solutions to common problems

eWallet Comparisons in Malaysia

Save time and make smart decisions

eWallet Tips and Tricks

Learn useful tips to make the most out of your eWallet

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