From buying discounted near-overripe fruit to freeze, to exclusively choosing restaurants that accept e-Wallet payments when dining out – there’s no ceiling when it comes to making the most out of your spending.

But aside from dining out and shopping, did you know that you can even get rewards for just paying your monthly utility bills?

Granted, not all bills can be paid for with e-wallets and not all e-wallets have this feature available. Hence, we’ll be exploring not only how you can start using e-Wallets to pay for your monthly bills, but also which e-Wallet may offer you the most rewards based on the utility bill you’re paying for. 

But first…let’s get to grips with the basics.

What are e-Wallets?

E-wallets are a type of software which allow users to store funds, make transactions and receive payments. 

In Malaysia, e-Wallets typically come as a mobile app. You begin by uploading funds into the e-wallet by linking your debit/credit card or making an online transfer. 

So now you’ve got funds in your e-Wallet. This means that the next time you leave your house, you can choose to go cashless and leave your cards at home as well. When you want to make an offline purchase, simply scan a QR code from the merchant to deduct the funds directly from your e-Wallet balance. 

Go about your daily spending as usual, with extra rewards and savings to boot! 

How to use e-wallets to pay for utility bills in Malaysia

  1. Download the e-Wallet which supports payment for the bills you need.
  2. Upload sufficient funds into your e-Wallet (most will allow you to top up automatically every month)
  3. Select the merchant (TNB, Astro, Air Selangor etc.) If the e-Wallet does not support your merchant, refer to our table below to find one that does.
  4. Enter your account number. This should be in your bill statement.
  5. Enter the exact amount. 
  6. Wait for the payment to be processed and keep a copy of the receipt if available.

Which e-Wallets in Malaysia support bill payments?

As the e-Wallets battle it out in today’s market, we as consumers merely need to sit back and benefit from the promotions and benefits that arise. 

But even though more and more e-Wallets are striving to expand their list of merchants, there are still a few that have yet to jump on the bandwagon. Below is a list of e-Wallets in Malaysia which you can use to pay your utility bills.

  • GrabPay
  • Boost
  • Touch ‘n Go eWallet
  • ShopeePay 
  • Lazada Wallet

How to pay for utility bills with GrabPay

  • Select “Bills” in the Home page
  • Select the merchant. See our table below where we lay out which merchants Grab supports in 2020 at the time of writing
  • Enter your account number for the particular utility
  • Enter the exact amount and you’re done!

Why should you use GrabPay to pay your bills?

While you may not be able to earn those highly sought-after GrabReward points for utility bill payments, the convenience is unparalleled if you’re already an avid Grab user. That said, always keep an eye out for special promotions!

How to pay for utility bills with Boost

  • Select “Pay Bills” in the Home page
  • Create a new account. This allows Boost to save your account details and send you a reminder every month.
  • Select the merchant. See our table below where we lay out which merchants Boost supports in 2020 at the time of writing
  • Enter your account number for the particular utility
  • Enter the exact amount and you’re done!

Why should you use Boost to pay your bills?

First things first, one helpful feature that Boost provides is the ability to save the account number for whichever utility you choose. Boost will send you a reminder monthly when it comes time to pay for the said bill, making it all the more easier to keep you on track with your monthly bills.

Boost even offers Bill Protection Insurance at no extra charge. All users have to do is spend a minimum of RM100 every month on any bill payment with Boost, and coverage is provided for accidental death, permanent disablement and hospitalisation. 

Do note that you will have to opt-in for the Bill Protection Insurance by selecting “Bill Protection” in the “Bill Payments” tab.

How to pay for utility bills with Touch ‘n Go eWallet

  • Select “Bills” in the Home page
  • Select the merchant. See our table below where we lay out which merchants the Touch ‘n Go eWallet supports in 2020 at the time of writing
  • Enter your account number for the particular utility
  • Enter the exact amount and you’re done!

Why should you use Touch ‘n Go eWallet to pay your bills?

Touch ‘n Go eWallet is the only eWallet in Malaysia which supports Maxis bill payment (aside from ShopeePay) and TNB through 7/11. If you’re using Maxis, this will be a definite plus point for you.

List of top e-Wallets and their supported utilities in Malaysia 2020

Utility Sector: Water

MerchantGrabPayTouch’n Go eWalletBoost

Air Selangor
Air Johor
Air Kuching
Air Melaka
Air N. Sembilan
Air Perak
Air Perlis
Air Terengganu
Air KedahN/A
Air Kelantan
Perbadanan Bekalan Air Pulau Pinang (PBA)N/AN/A
Syarikat Air Darul Aman (SADA)N/AN/A

Utility Sector: Electricity

MerchantGrabPayTouch’n Go eWalletBoost

Tenaga Nasional Berhad (only through 7-11)
Sarawak Energy
Sabah Electricity
Nur DistributionN/AN/A

Utility Sector: Broadband and Mobile

MerchantGrabPayTouch’n Go eWalletBoost


Utility Sector: Council

MerchantGrabPayTouch’n Go eWalletBoost

MPSJ (tax assessment)
MPAS (tax assessment)N/AN/A

Utility Sector: Insurance

MerchantGrabPayTouch’n Go eWalletBoost

Gibraltar BSN

Utility Sector: Loans

MerchantGrabPayTouch’n Go eWalletBoost
PTPTN KonvensionalN/A
COURTS InstallmentN/A

What benefits do I get for using e-Wallets to pay my bills?

Convenience aside, the biggest draw for Malaysians to get onboard with using e-Wallets is for the savings – whether that be in the form of cashback, in-app promotions or reward points. 

E-wallets tend to offer much better (and less riskier) benefits than credit cards do. And just like a credit card, it’s best not to rely on one-off purchases to reap their benefits. The ideal way to make the most out of an eWallet is by using it to pay for large, fixed payments which you’re already making on a recurring basis. 

The best example? Your monthly utility bills. 

With GrabPay for example, 600 reward points can get you RM5 off a Grab ride. You could even accumulate your points and use them to redeem free drinks, discounts at selected merchants, enjoy a facial or make a small impact by donating to UNICEF. 

Boost on the other hand, allows you to earn Boost coins with every RM paid on bills. These coins can then be exchanged for cashback and prizes. There’s also the Boost Shake Rewards, which is a fun way to try your luck for even more cashback and prizes.

Recommended e-Wallet by utility bill needs 2020

Utility bill needsRecommended e-WalletRemarks
For the utilities-heavy familyTouch’n Go eWalletTouch’n Go eWallet is the only e-Wallet which you can use to pay for your TNB bills through 7-11.

Aside from PBA and SADA, this e-Wallet also supports all other water suppliers.
For the busy beeGrabPayIf you’re already using Grab for last-minute rides to meetings or a quick dinner at the office, there’s no need to use a separate e-Wallet if GrabPay has the merchants you need.
For the Maxis userTouch’n Go eWalletWhile ShopeePay supports Maxis bill payment as well, it lacks in convenience and variety of merchants.
For the all-rounderBoostAs you can see from the table above, Boost supports the most merchants when it comes to bill payments. 

If you find yourself with multiple different bills every month, Boost is an easy way to pay for them all within one platform, and enjoy cashback and savings while you’re at it.

Are there any 2020 promotions for using e-Wallets to pay my bills?

To stay competitive, most e-Wallets will periodically introduce irresistible deals to entice users. That means that on top of the existing reward points or rebates that may be provided, you can save even more by keeping up to date with current ongoing promotions. 

That’s where eWhallet comes in – we help keep you up to date with the best e-wallet deals in Malaysia!

Current promotions at the time of writing (March 2020) include:

Touch n’ Go eWallet: RM5 Cashback on Unifi Home, Streamyx and Voice Bills.
Promotion period: 1 March 2020 – 30 April 2020

All users who use the Touch n’ Go eWallet to pay their Unifi Home, Streamyx and Voice Bills will get RM5 cashback, capped at one cashback per month. Click here to find out more.

Boost: Win 100% Cashback on Bill Payment for One Year.
Promotion period: 13 January 2020 – 15 March 2020

Stand a chance to win 100% cashback for an entire year when you use Boost to pay for your Celcom bills and other bills. Click here to find out more.

Never miss another promotion again – Use eWhallet!

If stacking savings upon savings brings you nothing but joy, use our site here to find the latest e-Wallet deals in Malaysia and get the most bang for your Ringgit.

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